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    Prune Nourry, Oliver Jeffers, Chong Gon Byun and Kiya Kim , Prune Nourry, Daniel Horowitz, Claudia Paneca

Gaelle Porte

Art curator
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    Studio visit
    • Wed, Nov 20
    • New York
    Studio visit
    • Thu, Oct 31
    • New York
    Studio visit
    • Mon, Oct 21
    • New York
    Exhibit Preview & Tour
    • Thu, Dec 5
    • Miami

    Reviews for Gaelle's Salons

    5 stars for my first event with gertrude. i spent a whole hour inside an artist's head, an unforgettable experience. gaelle, the curator, was a perfect host. she made the connection incredibly quickly between the artist and the audience. kiya kim and chong gon byun are positively crazy, fun and adorable. it was great.

    Only negative point: need to be scheduled different day/time during the week to get more people to come curator+artist: unique experience. smooth communication/interaction. exclusive visit

    Really enjoyed studio visit: -even more intimate -deeper insight into artist process and work setting.most salons/galleries/museums would only display finished work. seeing intermediary elements (molds etc.) gave better understanding of how final pieces are created. -a wider range of projects: mini retrospective! -standing and walking around- felt more free-from then traditional seated events exceedingly happy with my gertrude involvement- meeting fascinating people, discovering new art(ists), and learning quite a bit. keep up the good work! and happy thanksgiving!

    Great conversation!

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    No upcoming Salons.

    Traditional Salon
    • Mon, Nov 4
    • New York
    Curator @ Gertrude