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Firstly, you misspelled "additional." night felt like it was put together 5 minutes before. the polaroids on the wall are tiny. the people who worked for gertrude did not give the first people much of a welcome; it felt like a party for the french people and hipsters to hang out together that we were invited to. they should have said hello right away, put us at ease. venue was too austere. i don't know who the curator was; was it the girl from magnum or pablo? the photographer was great and charming, but it felt like a q&a. still not feeling like a salon.

Tres chouette salon, tres chouette experience, tres chouette tout. sauf que thomas dworzak a pas voulu lacher le morceau qu'il ne prenait pas juste "des photos comme ca", on n'est pas photojournaliste de guerre pendant 20 ans en prenant juste "des photos comme ca". on a essaye de lui faire lacher le morceau avec marie-astrid, mais echec total. anyway, c'est le jeu d'une discussion. c'etait tres chouette, donc, mais je l'ai deja dit. go gertrude, gooo !!

I had a great time. there are a great many museums that offer that host gallery talks and i think that the social aspect of gertrude is what sets it apart. there is no risk the entire group will be composed of mid-western 60 year old tourists. this to me is what makes gertrude worth paying for and gives it a competitive advantage over free gallery talks at local museums. one wondering i had was it seemed like at every question that looked for significance or symbolism in his work or how he placed it on a page, he demurred and suggested that there was not any beyond the most general claim that he thought it was a good photo. if this was really how he felt then i deeply appreciated his honesty. in a world that is so scripted he was refreshing. if on the other hand there was a great deal of significance and symbolism, maybe he would have benefitted from being provided with guidelines in advance, around which he could organize his thoughts.

Part 2 hi. i just left feedback-and had a second thought. it could be that the artist demurred in finding significance within each actual photograph and/or how he laid them out because his implicit thesis was the act of taking the photos (and not the photos themselves) was significant. if this is the case please ignore my previous suggestion.

Wonderful salon. my only complaint was that it was freezing in the gallery, which would have been fine otherwise.

The guest was very thorough with sharing his thoughts. overall, the salon could have been more engaging and moderated a little better.

The event was terrific. really. as a big fan of dworzak, i loved it. i actually wish it were a little longer -- perhaps two hours, with a ten minute break in between? i would love to attend more talks with photographers from magnum. but i am coming from a distance, and wonder if events could be scheduled on weekends? vikbehl@gmail.com

I love the idea of gertrude, and i'm pleased to have heard thomas dworzak and been able to have a brief chat with him (and pick up his new book), but overall, the experience was a bit of a non-starter. there was also a feeling that a majority of the people in attendance were with gertrude or magnum, or friends of, which created a sort of false community. $30 for "access" to this? not worth it.

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