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    Audra Wolowiec

Samantha Katz

Host of Gallery Glass
  • New York
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    Studio visit
    • Tue, Nov 5
    • New York

    Reviews for Samantha's Salons

    Loved the intimacy, quality interactions, being in the artist's studio. the social aspect of the salon is also great. just a thought: how about providing the opportunity to keep in touch with other attendees after the salon!?

    Perhaps a bit more instruction at the beginning of the tour on what to expect--when it is appropriate to ask questions, number of questions, etc. the curator (samantha katz) was excellent in the type of questions she asked--she covered the full scope and history of the artist and her work. i felt that i was completely engaged throughout the entire one hour tour and wanted to stay longer! if it's ok within the gertrude format, i would have liked the opportunity to ask questions and mingle longer--felt a bit rushed at the tail end. otherwise, pacing was smooth and a very enjoyable experience overall.

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