Making Sense of Abstract Art

What makes that art?

Saturday, February 08
3:30pm to 5:00pm
Chelsea - New York
Exhibit Preview & Tour

    On this visit to three art galleries in Chelsea, you will see a variety of modern abstractionist paintings, prints and sculptures from both the past and present. Learn to make sense of abstract art, still accessible in its absence of realism. Comprehend the intentions of artists who've created works that may often leave audiences guessing. Come to understand abstract art and why abstraction is still relevant to contemporary artists. Learn about the worlds of Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism and Post-Modernism amid the famous Chelsea art scene.


    About the artist

    Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

    Explore the paintings and sculpture of African American artists working in abstraction from 1950 to 1975 on view in the gorgeous Michel Rosenfeld Gallery located in Post-Modern building designed by Jean Nouvel.  

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    Art Professional for Over 20 Years
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    Chelsea Chelsea