The Politics of Light - Performance and Conversation

Exhibit and Discussion with Jan Tichy

Saturday, December 14
2:30pm to 3:30pm
Lower East Side - New York
Traditional Salon

    This tour of "Politics of Light" will feature a direct and an engaging conversation between the artist, Jan Tichy and No Longer Empty chief curator, Manon Slome. Tour culminates in a site-specific performance combining the visual language with body movement.

    "Politics of Light" refers to the power inherent in the political or social machinery that causes any challenge to that power to be removed or hidden from view. The work also questions our individual tendencies to look away from inconvenient realities. In this exhibition, a moody paean of light and shadow, shows what light reveals and what darkness hides. The Chicago-based artists' installations integrate diverse media incorporating animation, film, photography, and sculpture, all highlighting the presence of artificial light – be it a projector or a TV monitor – fulfilling light’s role of enabling vision.

    The tour will culminate with a site-specific performance "It Begins with No End" that is inspired by No 18 and brings in dimensions of movement and sound.

    The Salon will be led by Manon Slome, chief curator of No Longer Empty, and tickets include:

    • Presentation of the exhibition led by the curator and the artist
    • You can meet the artist, interact and comment
    • Complementary Mimosas
    • Site-specific dance performance

    No Longer Empty presents professionally curated, site-specific, thought-provoking exhibitions and programs in empty sites across New York City. "Politics of Light" is done in collaboration with The Richard Gray Gallery.

    About the artist

    Jan Tichy

    Jan Tichy (Czech, b. 1974) is a Chicago-based artist who works at the intersection of multiple media. Central to his practice is the use of video projection as a time-based source of light as well as modernist photographic histories that serve as both formal inspiration and conceptual lens for exploring contemporary sites. For Tichy, light is a medium of infinite possibility and a means for making visible the hidden histories of his chosen sites, whether a traditional gallery, a public housing complex, or a museum collection. Working across media, including sculpture, installation, photography, and video (often combined within individual projects or pieces), Tichy remaps the physical and conceptual spaces his works occupy.

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    Chief Curator of No Longer Empty
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    Lower East Side Lower East Side