Angelo Musco: The Body Behind the Body, Studio visit & Screening

"You don't fix broken things, you find beauty in them."

Wednesday, September 10
7:00pm to 8:00pm
Garment District - New York
Studio visit

    Attend a special 34-minute screening of the documentary Angelo Musco: CONCEPTION in the artist's midtown studio space followed by a short Q&A, tour of studio 1, the artist's brain and studio 2, the artist's heart. The documentary is directed by Emmy-Award winner Robert Jason and filming took place in: Italy, France, Belgium, Brazil and the USA telling the story of Musco's life and art.

    Musco's difficult birth left both physical and psychological scares that influence the themes of his work: community, containers of life, and nutrition. said, "His artwork is unique in it’s viewing experience because of the immense size of his displays…" - The Art of Aggregation: Angelo Musco’s Bodyscapes - LightBox

    Musco conducts large scale nude photo shoots in order to gather materials that are archived and then used to build massive images of natural architecture (nests, forests, schools of fish, ant colonies, webs, amniotic containers). A single image can take over a year to complete and contain over a million nude bodies. Musco is creating his own unique language to tell his story that connects and moves art-lovers on their most fundamental level.

    For an upcoming work relating to language and the Tower of Babel, he has been conducting photo shoots internationally with shoots in London, and Buenos Aires already completed and Berlin, Paris, Naples and Hong Kong being scheduled for fall 2014.

    The event will include:

    • Italian aperitif and light snacks

    • Screening of documentary

    • Q&A Session with Musco himself

    • Tour of artist's studios


    About the artist

    Angelo Musco

    Born in Naples, Italy, Angelo Musco attended the Academia Delle Belle Arti with two semesters in Granada, Spain. Musco moved to the U.S. December 8, 1997. This date holds symbolic significance because on the Italian calendar it was the day of Immaculate Conception.

    He keeps developing his work and exploring new media with recurring themes relating to his difficult birth, confinement, subterranean worlds, and natural architecture. The human body is the primary element in his work and research which has evolved over the years, leading to an invitation to show his Hadal photo installation at the 53rd annual Venice Biennale.

    Photo shoots in and around New York City, held in private and public spaces, have become increasingly more complicated but necessary to gather material for the artist. Musco has begun exploring international photo shoots having already successfully staged them in London and Buenos Aires with plans for Berlin, Paris and Hong Kong.

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