Exhibit Preview

Thursday, September 18
7:00pm to 8:00pm
Upper East Side - New York
Exhibit Preview & Tour

    InSitu Works and Trotta-Bono Contemporary are pleased to invite you to join us to the preview of References, a group exhibition featuring the work of Aldo Chaparro, Brian Prugh, Victor Rodriguez, and Misha Tyutyunik. The artists included in this exhibition present a diverse selection framed by a shared engagement in that which influences their distinct styles. The referent is integrated through diverse media: steel, fabric, and paint.

    SEPTEMBER 18 – OCTOBER 19, 2014
    HOURS: MON - SAT 11AM - 6PM

    About the artist

    Aldo Chaparro, Brian Prugh, Victor Rodriguez and Misha Tyutyunik

    About the Artists:

    Aldo Chaparro centers his work on sculpture and design. Through different media including aluminum and stainless steel, Chaparro references the shiny surfaces of the media world in all its resilience and glamour. His sculptural constructions function as goggles, allowing one to experience a distorted version of reality. In his most recent work, Chaparro combines the steel’s sensuous curves with Islamic geometry. This geometry jalousies the sculpture’s reflecting capabilities, resulting in a second layer of distortion. 

    Brian Prugh creates his tulle works by attaching layers of cut fabric to a wooden frame. Each layer is separated by a thin stripe of wood. The result creates interference (moiré) patterns that change as the viewer changes position. Most, but not all, of the marks on the tulle are created by cutting out words. Prugh’s reference in this body of work is the poem from which the words are taken: the opening stanza of Ben Lerner’s Mean Free Path.  

    I finished the reading and looked up

    Changed in the familiar ways. Now for a quiet place

    To begin the forgetting. The little delays

    Between sensations, the audible absence of rain

    Take the place of objects. I have some questions

    But they can wait. Waiting is the answer

    I was looking for. Any subject will do

    So long as it recedes. Hearing the echo

    Of your own blood in the shell but picturing

    The ocean is what I meant by  

    Victor Rodriguez’s hyper-realistic paintings explore the perception of memory, as seen through the intricate reproduction and deconstruction of photographs. He creates his finished works by painting and repainting photographs, allowing them to transform into fractured compositions with unexpected colors. Rodriguez likens this process to the ways in which memories can cause one to re-imagine the present by reworking traces of the past.

    Influenced by Social Realism, German Expressionism and Japanese prints, Misha Tyutyunik blends graphic, figurative painting with sweeping landscapes and nostalgic environments that speak to the sensibilities of the human condition. Utilizing subdued colors, intense brush strokes, and detailed patterns, Misha creates reflections of American culture that reveal a false sense of security. 

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    The art was lovely! this was my first gertrude salon. was great to see an artist on the rise, and i got in touch with the gallery after seeing their other offerings. i'm looking for a large piece right now, and while this wasn't for me, i did refer the artist's name to others! will be great to watch as he matures.

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