Prune Nourry Terracotta Daughters

Terracotta Daughters documentary

Thursday, December 05
7:00pm to 8:00pm
Miami Beach - Miami
Exhibit Preview & Tour

    The trailer of Terracotta Daughters’ Documentory is online! Terracotta Daughters is a full feature documentary that retraces Prune Nourry’s latest project, inviting to question gender imbalance through the appropriation of the ancient Chinese Terracotta Warriors.

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    After Shanghai, the Terracotta Daughter Army takes over the world, with a first stop in Paris at the Centquatre Art Center and Magda Danysz Gallery opening on March 22nd, 2014. They will then visit Switzerland and the US, before returning to China in 2015 to be buried until 2030. More to come.

    About the artist

    Prune Nourry

    Graduated with honors and the AEEB prize.

    Prune Nourry is a New York based, French multi-disciplinary artist who draws her inspiration from the themes that surround bioethics. Through the humorous medical world she recreates in her performances, artworks and exhibition design, Nourry brings attention to some of the preoccupying issues that arise from our fast growing scientific discoveries, in particular, artificial procreation.

    Trained as a sculptor, Nourry now also explores a multitude of mediums such as photography and film, and attempts to transcend their 2 dimensionality through re-projection and creating sculptural pieces the audience can interact with. Offering an accessible, and participatory art experience to viewers is essential for Nourry.


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    5 stars for my first event with gertrude. i spent a whole hour inside an artist's head, an unforgettable experience. gaelle, the curator, was a perfect host. she made the connection incredibly quickly between the artist and the audience. kiya kim and chong gon byun are positively crazy, fun and adorable. it was great.

    Only negative point: need to be scheduled different day/time during the week to get more people to come curator+artist: unique experience. smooth communication/interaction. exclusive visit

    Really enjoyed studio visit: -even more intimate -deeper insight into artist process and work setting.most salons/galleries/museums would only display finished work. seeing intermediary elements (molds etc.) gave better understanding of how final pieces are created. -a wider range of projects: mini retrospective! -standing and walking around- felt more free-from then traditional seated events exceedingly happy with my gertrude involvement- meeting fascinating people, discovering new art(ists), and learning quite a bit. keep up the good work! and happy thanksgiving!

    Great conversation!

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