Private preview of "Most Wanted" with artist David King Reuben

Meet the artist and chat about art !

Thursday, November 19
6:00pm to 7:00pm
- New York
Exhibit Preview & Tour

    Most Wanted is the most comprehensive showcase of David King Reuben’s canvas and paper works to date. Although the show’s location (known as the former hideout of Warhol), coupled with its title, may suggest a contemporary interpretation of Andy Warhol’s 1964 iconic exhibition, Reuben’s show features not the most urgently sought criminals but rather today’s most craved vehicles of physical perfection. In Most Wanted, Reuben reflects on the growing importance of physical appearance in contemporary culture, which sparkles promises of eternal influence and conformity. His work addresses the different ways in which individuals today willingly dissect, give up and corrupt their identity to reach what they most want: power and happiness.  Indeed, as cosmetic surgery is more widely accepted than ever, Reuben examines how increased investment in appearance revisits the notion of interpersonal identity. Does an improved physical appearance really help individuals to obtain social security and feel a sense of connection to others they search for? 

    This private preview of Most Wanted will take place in presence of the artist David King Reuben and the curator of this exhibition Jennifer Famery-Mariani at the Soho Arts Club.

    Soho Arts Club is a space that is rich with history. This space was formally Grace Jones’ restaurant and once the home and studio of the iconic Andy Warhol. In 2011, Yoko Ono leased the space to exhibit the late John Lennon’s artwork in honor of what would have been his 71st birthday. 

    It is the opportunity to discover David King Reuben's new works in an exclusive setting and learn about the artist's creative process. 

    The Salon will include: 

    • refreshments

    • a talk by the artist 

    • tour of the artist's exhibition 

    • Q&A session

    The salon will be followed by an opening reception for the show.

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    About the artist

    David King Reuben

    Known for his heavily textured painting style and compulsive scribbling of symbols and characters, David King Reuben moves effortlessly through a myriad of media and complex surfaces. He is a prolific innovator of art forms, color compositions and assemblage of materials. These defining characteristics of his work combined with his process- focused creative approach puts his art at the unique convergence of Cubism and Post-Expressionism. Writing also serves as major conceptual foundation for Reuben’s art, through the inclusion of enigmatic numbers, playful words and thought provoking sentences onto his work. These methods enable the artist to directly suggest the intangible narratives that lay beneath the surfaces of his works. In fact, both in the content and the process of his art, Reuben elicits powerful themes in the layering of time, associations and explored notions of self, subjective norms and mass culture. 

     “When you first encounter David King Reuben’s obsessive oil strokes and doodles, you may think it looks like art made by a naughty child of Picasso, it is nothing of the sort, it is the work of a well- read, sophisticated, and sensitive artist” said Soho Arts Club Co-Founder, Golan Marom. 

    About David King

    London born, New York-based artist David King Reuben originally began painting and drawing in rebellion to his ultra orthodox Jewish upbringing, in search for identity outside of religion. Initially told to destroy his art, he was pressed to create in a room made for Judaic worship. At the age of 16 he was given a video recorder and decided to shoot a documentary about the life he had missed out on by living in a secluded religious community. 

    "Young London" (2007) was a tale of his adventurous filming in transgender nightclubs, shadowing now world-renowned graffiti artists and musicians both on tour and in their private lives. This insight into a whole new world was a pivotal moment for Reuben encouraging him to embrace life in a creative field. 

    Reuben had his first solo show in 2008 age 19 at Beach Blanket Babylon in London’s, Shoreditch. In 2008, Reuben moved to New York City to carry on his exploration of the young arts scene. In the next few years he has had numerous exhibitions in New York Cities famous art districts of Chelsea and Tribeca, while completing a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video in 2014 at SVA.

    Reuben has exhibited works internationally and has featured in British & Italian Vogue, Art Review, Cool Hunting, Elite Daily, Dazed & Confused, Architectural Digest and more.

     For more information about David King Reuben visit,


    Feedback on this curatorFeedback from this Salon

    Ben and his wife welcomed us in their apartment / atelier for hours, making us feel at home while walking us through ben's exhaustive body of work. we had a fantastic time and couldn't think of a better way to get to know an artist and his work! thank you gertrude and jennifer for organizing ;)

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