Mark Dean Veca & Amy Davila discuss MARK DEAN VECA : EVERLAST

Saturday, November 01
3:00pm to 4:00pm
- Los Angeles
Exhibit Preview & Tour

    Come join Amy Davila, founder of ArtSmart Inc., and Mark Dean Veca in a discussion of Mark Dean Veca's latest exhibition EVERLAST at Western Project.

    Western Project Press Release:

    Western Project is proud to present the third solo exhibition at the gallery by Los Angeles artist, Mark Dean Veca. His new body of work, EVERLAST, is comprised of seven new paintings and twelve works on paper. Veca grew up around the San Francisco Bay Area surrounded by words; words in the sky, words on the streets, words on the billboards – an environment of language, letters and images. For this work he writes:

    Particular street signs and logos started to jump out at me as perfect combinations of subject matter and composition. I'm not picking words or images at random, but those that I find have some kind of resonance personally as well as universally, be they mundane or iconic, and are redolent of my 1970's California upbringing…

    For years now I've been interested in the negative space in and around letterforms, particularly logos in a certain script, like the Fender logo. When I see these spaces I get an urge or compulsion to define and articulate them, to make them the figure, not the ground. 

    It is the atmosphere which seems to have won out as an undulating miasma or vapor, enveloping the signage from neighborhood stores (LIQUOR MART), to international corporate logos (EVERLAST and Zildjian). Perhaps they recall the brown smog atmosphere from the 1970’s in LA, along with the Pop culture explosion of the era; his paintings reek of immersion in a climate of billowing energy, a charged atmosphere where background shifts to and fro:

    Duality seems to be a consistent theme in much of my work. In these word paintings the eye wants to flatten the text, especially from a distance, but upon closer inspection the forms flip. The atmospheric quality that fills the letterforms heightens the effect of creating depth and contrast to the crisp linework defining the biomorphic abstraction surrounding them.

    Veca’s paintings are indeed icons; not ironic, but psychedelic celebrations. FENDER is enveloped by a surging purple ooze (or is it haze?) while BREAKFAST BURRITO is a crazy trip down the street at sunrise; both seemingly familiar visual sensations. And what’s that funk of adolescent testosterone wafting around the paintings? His deft and masterful drawing skills give the works a tremendous gravity and visionary exactness. It is an un-academic rigor compounded by immaculate craftsmanship. The logo paintings are punctuated by early Warner Brothers Looney Tunes characters: Tweety Bird (created in 1945), and the Tasmanian Devil (1957). Each image is an historic cartoon favorite known for their wacky and cunning charms. Having survived endless cliché and a million bad tattoos over the years, Veca’s images are now more sirens luring contemporary audiences to reconsider an un-snarky and daring, new attitude in the 2010s. FLY UNITED is a sexier side, from an image recycled from a 1970’s underground poster; the image is a wink and a nod to human desire (the mile high club), stealing back the method of corporate advertisement into mainstream erotic humor. Perhaps this is the covert messaging of the artist – employing logos more as flavors, manipulating corporate identity into notions of pleasure, emotion and imagination. The words become formal playgrounds for both the artist and audience to reinterpret experience and memory as subjective space. Taking back an age of greed to a realm of personal exaltation.   

    About the artist

    Mark Dean Veca

    Mark Dean Veca

    1963     Born in Shreveport, LA
    Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

    1985     BFA, Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, CA

    Sole Exhibitions

    2010     _
    When the Shit Hits the Fan_, Western Project, Los Angeles, California

    2009     _
    Mark Dean Veca: Painting, Wall Drawings and Collaborations, University Art Gallery, University of California San Diego, San Diego, CA
    As Cold As They Come, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York, New York
    Revenge of Phantasmagoria_, Instituto Cultural de Cabanas, Guadalajara, Mexico

    2008     _
    Phantasmagoria, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA (catalogue)
    New Paintings_, Milieu Gallery, Bern, Switzerland

    2007     _
    Imbroglio_, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York, NY

    2006     _
    Florida_, Schmidt Center Gallery, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL (with Ellen Harvey)

    2004     _
    Pulsation_, 255 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY (catalogue)

    2003     _
    Pleasure Machine, Mars Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
    Royale,_ Jessica Murray Projects, Brooklyn, NY

    2002     _
    New Drawings_, Daniel Silverstein Gallery, New York, NY (with Cotter Luppi)

    2001          _
    Toile de Brooklyn_, g-module, Paris, France

    2000     _
    Magnificent Compulsion, Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
    Harum-Scarum_, Gallery at Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, CA

    1999     _
    Funky Jungle, DiverseWorks Art Space, Houston, TX
    New Paintings_, Kravets/Wehby Gallery, New York, NY

    1998     _
    El Gloominator, State University of New York at Buffalo Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY (catalogue)
    Gummi Grotto_, Kravets/Wehby Gallery, New York, NY

    Selected Group Exhibitions

    2011     _
    C.O.L.A. Fellowship Exhibition, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California
    On the Wall, Arena 1, Santa Monica, curated by Carl Berg
    Dark Pop 3.0, Last Rites Gallery, New York, New York
    Shoe Shine_, Summer Music Hall, Denver, Colorado

    2010     _
    Cherry Pie, Western Project, Los Angeles, California
    Five Year Anniversary Show, Jonathon LeVine Gallery, New York
    Movers and Shakers. Le Basse Projects, Culver City, California
    Hotrwire 3, Scott Elder Gallery, New York, New York
    Love Conquers All_, Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, California

    2009          _
    The First Six Years, Western Project, Culver City, California
    Theme and Variations: On the Use of Repetition in the 21st Century Art,_
    Cristin Tierny Fine Art Advisory Services, New York, New York

    2008     _
    In the Land of Retinal Delights: The Juxtapoz FactorLaguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA (catalogue)
    Group Exhibition, Elms Lesters Painting Rooms, London, England
    Hef, Jail Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
    Inaugural Exhibition, Joshua Liner Gallery, New York, NY
    Pattern Recognition, Adamson Gallery, Washington, DC
    Deep Pop, Ad Hoc Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
    Sideshow, Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
    First Anniversary Group Exhibition_, Limited Addiction Gallery, Denver, CO

    2007     _
    Urban Gothic, Cafe Gallery Projects, London, England (catalogue)
    BMG Artists’ Annual, BLK/MRKT Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (catalogue)
    SITEings, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston Salem, NC\
    Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, Galerie Schuster, Berlin, Germany (catalogue)
    Winter Faction, Lineage Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
    Elevation, Limited Addiction Gallery, Denver, CO
    Tenth Anniversary Exhibition, Colette, Paris, France
    Inaugural Exhibition, Addict Galerie, Paris, France
    Urban Gothic_, Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives, The Hague, The Netherlands

    2006   _
    Otis: Nine Decades of Los Angeles Art, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (catalogue)
    Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo_, Kunstverein Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germany travels to
    Kunstverein Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany and Cercle Munster, Munster, Luxembourg (catalogue)

    2005   _
    Contemporary Erotic Drawing, DiverseWorks, Houston, TX, traveled to the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, CT (catalogue)
    Identity Crisis, Lineage Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
    Inked!, Shore Institute of Contemporary Art, Long Branch, NJ, curated by Koan Jeff Baysa
    Pulp, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Canada
    Smack!, The Brewery Project, Los Angeles, CA
    Last Exit to Brooklyn_, Elms Lesters Painting Rooms, London, England

    Open House: Working in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY, (catalogue)_
    Next_Next Visual Art, curated by Dan Cameron, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY_
    The Ludovico Treatment, curated by David Hunt, Muller de Chiara Gallery, Berlin, Germany
    Finesse, Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco, CA
    Impact: New Mural Projects, PPOW Gallery, New York, NY
    Grotto II_, Jessica Murray Projects, Brooklyn, NY

    2003     _
    Pavilion, Bloomberg Space, London, England (catalogue)
    Labor Day, curated by David Hunt, RARE, New York, NY
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    Proper Villains, Untitled Space, New Haven, CT
    Grotto, Jessica Murray Projects, Brooklyn, NY
    Necessary Fictions, De Chiara Gallery, New York, NY
    Déjà Vu,_ g-module, Paris, France

    2001     _
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    Dreamscapes_, Wignall Museum/Gallery, Rancho Cucamonga, CA (catalogue)

    2000          _
    Greater New York, PS 1 Contemporary Art Center, Queens, NY
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    Good Business is the Best Art, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY
    Yard Sale_, New York City Lab School, New York, NY

    1999     _
    Monumental Drawings, Exit Art: The First World, New York, NY
    Pictorial Abstraction, Temple Gallery, Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
    Relay Drawings: Eye, Hand, Other, Bucknell University Art Gallery, Lewisburg, PA (catalogue)
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    1993          _
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    1986          _
    Loose Association_, The Art Store Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

    1985          _
    A Farewell to the Bridal District_, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA

    *Awards and Honors

    C.O.L.A. 2010 Individual Artist Fellowship, Los Angeles, California, Fellowship, Painting

    2008          _
    Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA, Jennifer Howard Coleman Distinguished Lectureship and Residency
    New York Foundation for the Arts_, New York, NY, Fellowship, Painting

    Pollock- Krasner Foundation, New York, NY, Grant

    2003     _
    Lower East Side Printshop_, New York, NY, Special Editions Fellowship

    2002     _
    New York Foundation for the Arts_, New York, NY, Fellowship, Painting

    New York Foundation for the Arts, New York, NY, Fellowship, Painting_
    The MacDowell Colony_, Peterborough, NH, Artist Residency

    The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY, Artist in the Marketplace Program
    Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, CA, Artist Residency

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