Jaishri Abichandani - Dispossession

India, Gender, the female body & art reclaiming it

Friday, September 06
7:00pm to 8:00pm
Chelsea, NYC - New York
Traditional Salon
A few pictures from this past Salon

    "The 'Male' may objectify himself and it be seen as an act of self-importance- a reinstatement of the 'Ego'. He owns his body. The Female is owned by the 'other' eye. One that projects a patriarchal lens onto her physical, intellectual, sexual, and emotional being. Any kind of self-ownership of these facets that are central to the makeup of her own body is seen as an act of a 'fallen woman’, loose and a-moral.

    The Salon titled “Disposession” looks at the work of Jaishri Abichandani. Addressing the implications of gender constructs, these works challenge ideas surrounding the female body and identity in the framework of modern social, political and cultural perceptions. What does owning one’s 'self' and reclaiming the 'eye' mean for the Female?"

      About the artist

      Jaishri Abichandani

      A combined approach of Studio and Social Practice leads me to create ephemeral and material works including actions, objects, exhibitions, and collective production with members of the South Asian Women's Creative Collective. My art is rooted in conceptual feminism, employing materials such as leather whips, nails, paint, utensils and jewels to make works across scale and mediums. Contemporary historic moments, positions of power, themes of nationhood are explored and critiqued using painting, sculpture and drawings. Complexities and ambiguities are left unresolved, while the formal treatment prioritizes a crafty feminist approach, referencing pop art traditions from South Asia.

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      Director of New Media for Bushwick Film Festival.
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