Intro to Contemporary Art and Emerging Artists

InSitu Works - Empowering Today's Collector

Thursday, June 12
8:00pm to 9:00pm
Lower East Side - New York
Traditional Salon

    Curated by InSitu Works co-founders Ana Perez & Alexis Zambrano.

    Intro to Contemporary Art and Emerging Artists - InSitu Works

    On Thursday, June 12th, 8:00- 9:00PM, Max Teicher from Gagosian Gallery, will give an introduction to the contemporary art market with an emphasis in emerging artists. This discussion is a feature of InSitu Work's Website Launch and Pop-Up Exhibition, occurring June 11th - 15th, in which the work of emerging artists will be displayed. After the salon, attendees will have the opportunity to meet artists from the exhibition.

    About InSitu: 

    InSitu Works is an online marketplace and advisory that offers seasoned and novice collectors the opportunity to discover, learn about and acquire contemporary art. Sponsored by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Artspire (part of the New York Foundation for the Arts), InSitu Works was conceived as an alternative to help collectors find high-quality artwork and grant emerging artists a platform for exposure and development. Purchases made through InSitu Works directly contribute to the promotion and development of emerging artists.

    Why “InSitu”? In situ in latin means in place, or in the original position. In the context of art, in situ refers to a work of art made specifically for a host site, taking into account the space and location in which the work of art is installed or exhibited.

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    About Max Teicher:

    Max Teicher has worked at Gagosian Gallery since 2008 and is an avid supporter and collector of emerging artists.  

    InSitu Works looks forward to seeing you and appreciates your support!

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    The art was lovely! this was my first gertrude salon. was great to see an artist on the rise, and i got in touch with the gallery after seeing their other offerings. i'm looking for a large piece right now, and while this wasn't for me, i did refer the artist's name to others! will be great to watch as he matures.

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