FIAC Outdoor Projects opening

Opening of the FIAC at Jardin des Plantes

Tuesday, October 21
6:00pm to 7:00pm
- Paris
Exhibit Preview & Tour
A few pictures from this past Salon

    A feature event during FIAC week, the Outdoor Projects (Hors les Murs) presents a programme of contemporary artworks in emblematic and historic sites in the heart of Paris, notably in the Jardin des Plantes and the various sites of the National Museum of Natural History - the Grand Gallery of Evolution, the Greenhouses and the Menagerie.


    This project provides an opportunity to showcase a unique programme, entirely adapted to the site and focused on contemporary issues: art, nature, biodiversity and the environment. The Museum's living plant collections serve as an educational medium and illustration regarding plants, plant ecosystems, the interaction between plants and animals, and the relationships between human beings and the nature world. A place for teaching and learning for a broad audience, the National Museum of Natural History welcomes both the youngest generations and scientific researchers alike. 


    Detail of the salon:

    • 18.00pm : Inauguration by curator Isabelle de Maison Rouge of a course works in various indoor and outdoor areas of the Jardin des Plantes. The artists featured are: Pilar Albarracin, Dieter Appelt, Babak Golkar, François Bucher and Lina Lopez, Peter Buggenhout, Julian Charriere, Nicolas Floc'h, Etienne de France, Yuan Gong, Folkert de Jong, Laurence de Leersnyder, Laurent Le Deunff, Michelle Lopez, Didier Marcel, Kate Mccguire, Vincent Mauger, Romina de Novellis and Luc Petton, Benoit Pype, Paul-Alexandre Remy,  Julien Salaud, Barthelemy Toguo, Charwei Tsai, Claude Viallat and Bertrand Planes.

    Focus on Bertrand Planes' piece _Bug's Life. _Presentation by Bertrand Planes, Corentin Hamel (New Galerie) and the collector Joseph Kouli, who for the first time in FIAC, exhibits a piece from his private collection.

    • Tour followed by a cycle of performances In Process: Natsuko Uchino, Pastoral, 2014.

    As an extension of his research on the ecology as the matrix of participatory economics, Natsuko Uchino is interested in ritual harvesting and management methods. This performance features choreographic and visual dialogue in the form of a collective and participatory theatrical scenario.

    • 7.00 p.m.: Opening Cocktail in the Great Gallery of Evolution


    • Isabelle de Maison Rouge

    Art historian, art critic, independent curator, Professor at NYU in France, Editor in chief of the e-magazine Art  & and PhD student in Fine Arts at  Sorbonne Paris 1.

    Isabelle is also a lecturer, curator and author of numerous essays on contemporary art and its market.

    • Corentin Hamel

    Born in 1978, Corentin Hamel lives and works in Paris. He undertook doctorial work in curation at the Pavillon/Palais de Tokyo, Paris. He founded and ran the Galerie Corentin Hamel until 2005, producing exhibitions and events, as well as taking part in art fairs such as FIAC, Artissima Turin and Liste Basel. He has curated exhibitions internationally (including in Vienna and Bratislava) and run conferences in Phnom Penh, Sapporo and La Paz. He teaches art distribution at the University of Paris 8 and has contributed to Art 21 and Slicker. He is currently the co-director of the New Galerie, Paris. 

    •  Joseph Kouli

    "You aren't born a collector, you become one".

    Parisian advertising executive Joseph Kouli, is a young collector whose goal, he says, is to put together works by artists of his own generation who “have something to say about our time.”


      About the artist


      Bertrand Planes was born in 1975 and works in Paris. Translations between medias, praxis and sensorial fields are recurring themes in his work. Bug’s Life is a sculptural work for the outdoors. It is composed of 91 solar beacons fixed to the ground and fitted with a piezo buzzer. Each buzzer emits a « beep » whose loudness and rhythm depends on the quantity of light impacting its solar collector. No beacon receives the same quantity of light. The sculpture acts as a grid whose sound production echoes the weather conditions. The sound evokes that made by a swarm of insects. The display is simple, in a binary way. However the variations produced by each beacon produce an effect that emulates organic complexity.

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