Fauve Paris, the new auction house that "liberates auctions"!

Discover Fauve and its upcoming sale

Wednesday, October 15
7:30pm to 8:30pm
Haut-Marais - Paris
Traditional Salon

    Ce Salon sera presente en Francais. Etant donne notre audience internationale a Paris, cette description est ecrite en anglais.

    Learn about the world of art auctions with the co-founders of FauveParis, an auction house looking to redefine the auction experience. Guests will also receive an inside look at FauveParis' upcoming sale.

    "It is time to open and modernize the auction houses! We must free the auctions by making them accessible to a broader audience, who does not always dare to venture to traditional auction houses.
    For the insiders and for those who walk through the door of an auction house for the first time, find a real quality of service [...]"

    This is an excerpt from the tribune co-written by Lucie-Éléonore Riveron and Cédric Melado, co-founders of FauveParis and published in The Huffington Post, April 9, 2014. Their belief? You don't need to be a millonaire to build up an interesting collection.

    In this Salon, you will understand not only what lies behind an auction house and the work of an auctioneer but also how to start a collection - offering an insider's take on what to look for, what to watch out for, and how much to spend. For the more seasoned collector, it will be an opportunity to further learn from the experts and appreciate their impressive works of art.

    Lucie-Eléonore and Cedric will walk you through Fauve Paris' upcoming sale, presenting works of art, objects and furniture. From Jean-Michel Wilmotte's furniture (for the first time in an public sale) to a gorgeous XVII century tapestry. You will also admire,  amongst others, Robert Rauschenberg, Marc Chagall, Fernand Léger and Alexandre Calder lithographies, an Andy Warhol serigraphy, a Keith Haring table, Victor Vasarely collages, Takashi Murakami offset printings and Marithé and François Girbaud's collection of furniture.

    Detail of the salon:

    • Presentation of Fauve Paris and of the upcoming sale

    • What is Fauve Paris?

    • A wine tasting will be held at l'Abreuvoir, Fauve's wine bar for a 15 euros additional cost.

    FauveParis is a unique place in Paris, whose mission is to open art auctions to an uninitiated audience."Liberating auctions" means finding the implicit promise of a public auction: accessibility, fun, availability, education, playfulness.

    FauveParis is an eponymous 550 m² space in the Upper Marais. Developed by "CUT Architectures", it combines the expertise of qualified professionals and the conviviality of a place that is both for purchasing (with very meticulous sales, which punctuate the exhibitions), lounging about (the works are exhibited over long periods of time,  generally from 2 to 3 weeks) and sharing (a lounge wine bar offering original and quality wines, L'Abreuvoir).

    Specialized in works of art, decorative arts and the art of living, FauveParis is named after the fauvist artists (Matisse, Derain, Vlaminck, Braque, Dufy, etc.) which, in the early twentieth century, were characterized by their boldness and their will to deeply renew their discipline.



    About the artist

    Lucie-Eléonore Riveron and Cédric Melado

    Lucie-Eléonore Riveron

    Co-founder, President and Artistic Director of FauveParis.

    Lucie-Eléonore graduated from Sciences Po Paris and is also a former student of the "Arts décoratifs" (ENSAD) and of the "Ecole des Beaux-Arts" (ENSBA). She cut her teeth working at art galleries and foundations before taking the direction of the editorial department of Piasa.

    Rich from her French-Italian culture and perfectly bilingual, Lucie chairs FauveParis and assumes its artistic direction, making sure the brand and identity of the house is remarkably noticed.

    Cédric Melado

    Co-founder, Director and Auctioneer of FauveParis

    Former auctioneer at Tajan, Cedric Melado won the confidence of a strong national and international clientele that appreciates the accuracy of his expertise and his catching/contagious passion for art.

    Thanks to the energy with which he handles the gavel and his showmanship, Cédric had the chance to lead with brio prestigious modern and contemporary Monaco art sales as well as several historic auctions such as that of the Jorge Brito collection. With a dual Franco-Portuguese culture and bilingual, Cédric Melado was, in 2010, the youngest auctioneer to conduct a millionaire auction in euros, achieving at the same time a world record for a Portuguese art work.

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