Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit: Film Workshop

Jump start your film and new media business

Wednesday, June 18
6:00pm to 8:30pm
The Bowery - New York

    This workshop dedicated to film and new media provides a forum for artists and other creative entrepreneurs to learn about, and discuss, the business and legal issues that frame and affect their work and projects. 

    Hosted by  FolioCue.com - an online platform to discover leading artists and collect inspired styles, this 2.5 hour session will provide industry-specific information about the common business structures and practices relating to film.  

    Profits of the workshop series will be donated to three nonprofit organizations—The SculptureCenter, The Art Gallery & Permanent Collection of Davidson College, and the Honolulu Biennial.

    About the workshop:

    Distribution is the name of the (copyright) game for film producers and documentary filmmakers. With a specific end in mind, a business plan and the execution of a comprehensive underlying rights acquisition strategy are critical for these artists to seek and secure distribution with confidence. Forming a separate business entity (like a corporation or limited liability company) typically comes early on for filmmakers and producers primarily as part of a risk-management strategy but is also connected to managing the roles and responsibilities of co-production partners and investors. Also essential is the need for these artists to understand the acquisition and licensing of copyright and privacy-protected elements at the foundation of film and video properties.

    In addition, this session will cover the following essentials:

    • Business Structures & Form: When and how to form a separate business entity (corporation or LLC) for creative work, services and projects
    • Copyright, Trademark & Identity (Publicity/Privacy) Rights: How to identify, secure and protect the Intellectual Property used and created in your field; Fair Use: Using IP owned by others; Joint Authors, Co-Creators, Creative Partners & Work-for-Hire Agreements:  Who owns what?
    • Other Property & Assets: Leases & Location Agreements; Employees, Independent Contractors; Trade Secrets, Idea Protection & Using Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • Deal Memos, Contracts and Licensing: Contract Basics; Understanding and documenting the typical arrangements for your field
    • Risk Management Strategies and Practices

    About FolioCue:

    FolioCue is a unique, subscription-based website that provides an easily digestible yet comprehensive look at leading contemporary artist’s portfolios. Every Monday at noon, an email newsletter shares a concise and highly visual overview of one featured artist, alongside an inspired style guide of curated products and clothing that draws upon the themes and visual language of the featured artist’s work. Timed accordingly, the weekly artist feature and Monday email announcement are meant to be a workday reprieve and enjoyed within a few minutes during a lunch break.  


    About the artist

    Elena M. Paul, Esq

    For over 20 years, Elena M. Paul, Esq., has represented, counseled and taught artists and other creative entrepreneurs on the topics of business structuring and operations in the nonprofit and for-profit arenas; asset and risk management; and intellectual property. She is a graduate of Davidson College and Harvard Law School.

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