Double Shot: Art + Coffee

Coffeehouse discussion of what's happening in art

Sunday, October 25
8:30am to 9:30am
Larchmont Village - Los Angeles

    Like a shot of espresso, this Sunday morning salon is short and to the point: Nicole Garton will lead an informal discussion what's happening in the Los Angeles art scene at one of LA's favorite coffee spots.

    Topics may include:

    • upcoming exhibitions to note
    • emerging artists to know
    • provocative articles to read
    • art world Instagrams to follow

    Consider this session a cheat sheet to what's going on in art, delivered live, in person, over coffee.*

    Bonus: meet other curious art lovers in the process.

    *1 cup of coffee is included with your RSVP.


    About the artist

    Erik Frydenborg

    In anticipation of The Pit II's inaugural exhibition, we'll discuss LA artist Erik Frydenborg, who will be showing a new project there in November.

    Feedback on this curatorFeedback from this Salon

    Loved having a coffee and hearing about what's happening right now in la

    Anytime we can introduce artists to those who may not know their work, it's good for all. i found myself wishing for more examples of each artist's work - perhaps 3 or 4 pieces - that would give me a deeper understanding of their talent and how they think. it could be current pieces or even an early to current span to show their growth and direction. very much enjoyed the hosts' work that was up as well.

    Great fun hearing the artist talk in detail about his process, his history and how his artistic vision developed.

    it was real interesting to hear the artist explain the process first hand. the paintings were also amazing. it was great to discover m. fisch's work and to hear him describe the context in which he painted. thank you for the experience!

    Loved having a coffee and hearing about what's happening right now in la

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