Daniel Horowitz’s Studio Visit

Wednesday, December 11
8:00pm to 9:00pm
Vinegar hill - New York
Studio visit
A few pictures from this past Salon

    Daniel Horowitz’ studio is a cabinet of curiosities brimming with found objects, toys, old books, vintage magazines, and salon walls of his own mixed media works. Beginning his career in a structured illustration environment, Daniel’s studio practice now revolves around his fine art work in a variety of media. He first exhibited his series of 365 drawings - one drawing a day for a year - in its entirety at The Invisible Dog Art Center in New York in March, 2012 and later exhibited partially at Christies, New York, Art MRKT San Francisco, Art Basel, Switzerland, and The Direktorenhaus in Berlin.

    The vocabulary of this long-term project resulted in a both satirical and whimsical bestiary cut from old accounting books and ephemera, brought to life with ink, paint, scissors and collage. Daniel is presently completing a new body of work, elaborating on themes he originally explored throughout the 365 series - painting with a petroleum-derivative on glass as a physical counterpoint to the subjects of consumerism, disposable consumption, and waste.

    His current marathon project is called, метаморфоза and is posted daily here.

    This Gertrude studio visit will explore how Daniel manages to tackle both Fine Art and commercial illustration with agility, while maintaining his unique visual vocabulary. Our conversation will bring us to focus on particular works to unveil the vast inspirations and themes they evoke.

      About the artist

      Daniel Horowitz

      Daniel Horowitz is a New York based artist and illustrator. His illustration work has been consistently featured in such publications as The New York Times, Time Magazine, GQ, NPR, Wall Street Journal and The American reader, as well as publishing houses such as Random/Knopf House and Grove Press.

      Daniel Horowitz is the winner of the Scope Miami 2011 Artists Wanted competition in painting. In March of 2013 a selection of his ‘365’ project was selected to be exhibited at Christie’s New York, for a special exhibit organized by Y&S. His illustration work has been recognized by The Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, 3x3 Magazine, and by Creative Quarterly: Journal for Art and Design.

      His passion for distilling concepts into concise visual solutions has been sought after by various for profit and non profit organizations. However, his debut solo show ‘365’ at The Invisible Dog Art Center in early 2012 , marked a turning point with a greater emphasis on personal work.

      Feedback on this curatorFeedback from this Salon

      5 stars for my first event with gertrude. i spent a whole hour inside an artist's head, an unforgettable experience. gaelle, the curator, was a perfect host. she made the connection incredibly quickly between the artist and the audience. kiya kim and chong gon byun are positively crazy, fun and adorable. it was great.

      Only negative point: need to be scheduled different day/time during the week to get more people to come curator+artist: unique experience. smooth communication/interaction. exclusive visit

      Really enjoyed studio visit: -even more intimate -deeper insight into artist process and work setting.most salons/galleries/museums would only display finished work. seeing intermediary elements (molds etc.) gave better understanding of how final pieces are created. -a wider range of projects: mini retrospective! -standing and walking around- felt more free-from then traditional seated events exceedingly happy with my gertrude involvement- meeting fascinating people, discovering new art(ists), and learning quite a bit. keep up the good work! and happy thanksgiving!

      Great conversation!

      Great conversation!

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