Claudia Paneca's State of Matter at The Invisible Dog Art Center

Private Tour/Discussion of the Show with the Artist

Wednesday, September 17
7:30pm to 8:30pm
Boerum Hill - New York
Exhibit Preview & Tour


    Solo Exhibition
    Curated by Gaelle Porte

    Cuban born artist Claudia Paneca opens her first US solo exhibition State of Matter in The Glass House at The Invisible Dog Art Center. Recalling a green house that facilitates the growth of plants, the exhibition space lends itself to the nature of Paneca’s environmentally immersive work. The Artist poetically meditates on matter through the use of organic materials such as clay and wood. The core of the exhibition lies in the center of the space – an ephemeral installation constructed from a ring of clay that morphs from wet, to solid, and finally to powder. Reminiscing on basic living forms, her other works bring to mind delicate pieces of coral, fossil or bone contrasted with human-made geometric structures.
    She creates minimal sculptures as a metaphor for the cycle of life and takes interest in how human’s universe may have come into being. In both their titles and the pieces themselves, Paneca humorously looks at traditional views of gender and myths of creation with works such as “Hermaphrodite Brain” and “She Rib”. She further studies these ideas in her writing and drawings, developing her own vocabulary.
    Like a scientist presenting research, Paneca displays her monochromatic artworks in the shape of a circle - leading the viewer through her imagined ritual ontogenesis. 

    The Invisible Dog Art Center | The Glass House
    51 Bergen Street. Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Opening: Saturday, September 13, 2014. 6pm
    On view: September 13, 2014 - October 18, 2014
    Thursday to Saturday 1pm to 7pm. Sunday 1pm to 5pm


    About the artist

    Claudia Paneca

    Claudia Paneca is a Cuban-born, Brooklyn-based, visual artist. She graduated with a degree in sculpture and drawing from the San Alejandro School of Fine Arts in Havana. Paneca then pursued her studies by taking classes in sculpture, ceramic and printmaking at School of Visual Arts in New York City. She is currently an Artist-in- Residence at The Invisible Dog, a multidisciplinary arts center located in Brooklyn, New York. Paneca has participated in several collective shows in both Havana and New York. Most recently, as part of the Armory Arts Week, she showed in the “Hive" exhibition at the The Invisible Dog art center in Brooklyn, NY in March 2014. She was also an Artist-in-Residence at Wassaic Artists Residency program in Wassaic, NY over winter 2013.

    Paneca explores several mediums, including: sculpture, drawing, ceramic, installation, photography and performance. In her own words: “I create my artwork as a practitioner of what I call 'The Essence Ritual': a rite that engages the essence of being in relationship with the self and its environment. This ritualistic approach is my way to transform common notions of reality, perception and spirituality in a deeply subversive way of thinking, expressed through a personal vocabulary of images and symbols. I create imaginary characters and substances, working with physical materials and poetic text on a metaphorical level.” 

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    5 stars for my first event with gertrude. i spent a whole hour inside an artist's head, an unforgettable experience. gaelle, the curator, was a perfect host. she made the connection incredibly quickly between the artist and the audience. kiya kim and chong gon byun are positively crazy, fun and adorable. it was great.

    Only negative point: need to be scheduled different day/time during the week to get more people to come curator+artist: unique experience. smooth communication/interaction. exclusive visit

    Really enjoyed studio visit: -even more intimate -deeper insight into artist process and work setting.most salons/galleries/museums would only display finished work. seeing intermediary elements (molds etc.) gave better understanding of how final pieces are created. -a wider range of projects: mini retrospective! -standing and walking around- felt more free-from then traditional seated events exceedingly happy with my gertrude involvement- meeting fascinating people, discovering new art(ists), and learning quite a bit. keep up the good work! and happy thanksgiving!

    Great conversation!

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