Artists Talk with Photographers Lindsay Morris & Chris Rijksen

Monday, September 15
7:00pm to 8:00pm
SoHo - New York
Exhibit Preview & Tour

    Join photographers Lindsay Morris and Chris Rijksen as they discuss their work on view at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, as part of the exhibition The Play and Staging of the Self: Five Photographers on Identity.

    on Identity explores the construction of identity and its ongoing evolution, with a special emphasis on the play and staging of the self. Here, the act or experience, rather than biological history, is highlighted. As boundaries between socially and culturally constructed identities, including body modifications, are reexamined within diverse arrays of sexual and gender groups, the malleability of the self is revealed, and a new transparency of the function, role and position of identity emerges. 

    In this assembly of photographs, the construction of identity varies as radically as the modes of dress in Chris Rijksen’s Gender as a Performance series, in which the artist executes a fluid performance of self-portraiture in both traditionally masculine and feminine attire. In both Laia Abril’s Asexuals Project and Olya Ivanova’s Weirdo the individual is presented as part of a group identity in order to gain visibility, understanding, and legitimacy in an increasingly networked age. In contrast are scenes from Lindsay Morris’ You are You series, wherein gender-variant boys play out their interpretations of femininity at a gender-noncomforming summer camp, and Jen Davis’ webcam series, in which Davis pairs self-portraits and screenshots of “Alexi,” an invented object of desire. While diverse in both their approach and aesthetics, each series casts a fresh glance on the making and experience of identity in an ever-changing social landscape.

    About the artist

    Lindsay Morris & Chris Rijksen

    Lindsay Morris is an American photographer currently residing in Long Island, NY. Her series _You are You _is currently scheduled to be published by Kehrer Verlag in 2014. Her work has been published in New York Times Magazine (cover story), GEO Germany and GEO International, Loupe, PDN, Marie Claire (France), Elle, Internazionale, Haaretz (Israel), Neon (Germany) and Sunday Life Australia, and has been featured on photography blogs Fraction, Slate/Behold, and, among others. She was a 2013 Critical Mass finalist and nominee for the 2013 Julia Margaret Cameron Award. Recent exhibitions include a solo show at the Center for Fine Art Photography (Fort Collins, CO) and the Catherine Edelman Gallery (Chicago). 

    Chris Rijksen, b. 1991, is an amorph visual artist and photographer based in Amsterdam, and the winner of the Pride Photo Award 2012 for his series Gender as a Performance. His work has appeared in Magazine Trouw, NRC. next, and BLIK, among others. He received his BA in Photography from the Royal Academy of Arts and his Masters from the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. 

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