Alessandro Roma, Locus amoenus, curated by Cécile Gremillet

Preview by the curator and discussion with the artist

Wednesday, December 03
7:00pm to 9:00pm
Paris - Paris
Exhibit Preview & Tour

    During the exhibition preview and tour at sobering gallery, Cécile Gremillet, curator of the exhibition, will present the show and explore the work of Alessandro Roma. The presentation will be completed with a conversation with the artist, who will answer visitors' questions. The discussion will continue over drinks at the gallery. The exhibition tour will be presented in French. 

    Locus amoenus is a solo show by Alessandro Roma at sobering gallery from December 4th to January 24th.  

    Inspired by his imaginary travels, Alessandro Roma creates landscapes superimposed with plant patterns, textures and techniques.
    The artist explores the limits of the pictorial tradition and develops a reflection on the nature of perception. He is specifically interested in the understanding of reality.  The stories that he invents are characterized by an undeniably dreamlike approach. Alessandro Roma generates embedded narratives which bring plural perceptions where imagination and memory are intertwined. 

    Archetypal images of gardens are developed in Alessandro Roma’s work through the floral and plant motifs. In its ancient concept, the garden is a place where constant metamorphosis take place. It presents an ambiguity: it is a landscape opened to the viewer, but it is also a land to explore. The labyrinthine shapes recall the memory of an already known topography.
    The works of Alessandro Roma invite the imagination to take a walk into his landscapes and to rewrite the metamorphoses that have occurred.  

    About the artist

    Alessandro Roma

    Born 1977 Milan, Italy 
    Lives and works in London   

    Solo exhibitions
    2014  “Oranizzazione organica di forme” Mac, Contemporary art Museum, Lissone MI Italy
    2013  “ Enclosure” Paradise Row gallery, London
    2012  “Il sole mi costrinse ad abbandonare il giardino” Brand new gallery, Milan 
    2011  “Unfolding the Folds”, Galerie Alexandra Saheb
    “Humus”, Museum Mart Rovereto I, curated by G.Verzotti
    “Sites of action”, Scaramouche gallery, New York
    2009   “Vicarius”, Galerie Alexandra Saheb, Berlin
    2008   “Il sogno è anche un luogo ideale per il desiderio di giustizia”, Lucie Fontaine, Milan
    2007   “Alessandro Roma”, Galerie Alexandra Saheb Berlin
    2005   “Alessandro Roma”, Gallery Marabini, Bologna
    “Alessandro Roma”, Gallery Artra, Milan 

    Selected group shows
    2014  “Everything is about to happen” Corvi-Mora, Greengrassi gallery, London
    “Visioni per un inventario una mappa del navegar pitoresco, Foundation Bevilacqua la Masa,Venice
    2013  “Drawing Biennial”, Drawing Room, London
    2012  “Estate” Marianne Boesky gallery, curated by L Fontaine, New York
    “Never before a girl done so much with so little” The Suburbans curated by L. Fontaine, Chicago “Lacune”Archaeological Museum Eno Bellis, curated by L. Lanteri Oderzo (Tv)
    2011  “Partita a quattro una riflessione sulla scultura”, Gallery Lorcan O'neill, curated by L. Pratesi, Rome
    “Scultura lingua”, Marsellèria Milan, I, curated by B. Meneghel
    2010  “Impresa pittura”, Centro Internazionale per l’Arte Contemporanea, curated by R. Gavarro, Gennazzano, Rome
    “Route tournante en sous –bois”, Uploand Art Project, Trento
    2009  “Unreachable is just close enough”, Galerie Alexandra Saheb, Berlin
    “Snooze”, Scaramouche c/o Fruti and Flower Deli curated by M. Antonini, New York, NY
    Prague Biennial 4, Expanded Painting, curated by E. Kontova and G.Politi
    2008  “Il rimedio perfetto”, Gallery Riccardo Crespi, Milan, curated by M. Tagliaferro

    2009     Residence Künstlerhäuser Worpswede
    2007     IV International Painting Prize, Diputación de Castellón, Museo de Bellas Artes de Castellón, E  

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