Alejandro Guijarro shows Momentum in Tribeca

Monday, March 18
7:20pm to 8:20pm
Tribeca - New York
Traditional Salon

    “Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” Niels Bohr (Father of Quantum Mechanics, 1885-1962)

    Momentum, is a collection of large-format photographs taken by Guijarro at the best Quantum Mechanics institutions across the globe.

    Reminiscent of Cy Twombly’s later canvases, each photograph encourages the viewer to see beyond the quantum mechanics lecture, into the essence of life created by the scientists, unaware of the beauty they created. Each photograph demonstrates the depth of human life - our history, our brilliance, our frustrating trials and errors.

    Alejandro Guijarro’s works have exhibited in London, Milan, Paris, Trieste and Madrid.

    About the artist

    Alejandro Guijarro

    Alejandro Guijarro is an artist based in London and Madrid who works primarily in photography. He recently graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2010.

    His work examines spatial relations in photographic representation, exploring what photography is still allowed and able to do. He makes contradictory and paradoxical images, where the boundaries of the photographic image break down. The images imply a tension that goes back and forth between what can be seen and what can be understood, creating a simultaneous sense of appearance and disappearance. By undermining our recognizable modes of perception, he questions the solidity and the authority of the photographic image and its ability to refer to reality and to truth.

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    This was my first gertrude salon and i will certainly come to more. it is a great idea; i am glad to have discovered you. i thought that the "conversation" between the curator and artist was more work (for everyone involved: artist; interlocutor and audience) than it was worth. i would have preferred, in the end, a more directed discussion of the artist's work, even if that meant a more old-fashioned lecture-ish mode of presentation.

    Amazing evening! thanks again. some microphones might have been appropriate maybe for the half-deaf like me ;)

    Gertrude's new offices are great. light, airy, spacious and full of super art. a really inspiring work environment.

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