A Hidden Portrait of Modern China.

Sunday, December 02
6:00pm to 7:00pm
Tribeca - New York
Traditional Salon

    A Hidden Portrait of Modern China will be the first USA viewing of the work of some of China’s most promising photographers, shedding light on the diversity of its culture and modern aspirations as the country is shifting gears, creating a unique portrait of contemporary China.

    About the artist

    Chang Lei, Lu Fei Fei and Hongjie Ma

    CHANG LEI is a Chinese photographer whose works are often commentaries on Chinese society and its government.

    To create the photographs in this series the artist visited the Beijing Zoo to document the elephants. The backgrounds of each photograph are images of iconic structures in Beijing. Unlike other artists, Chang Lei does not use the internet to find his images. Each work is a compilation of several photographs, all of which Chang Lei has taken himself.

    “Blind people feeling the elephant” is a kind of tragedy, whether you are the blind person or the elephant. The action of blind people feeling an elephant to gauge its size is pessimistic in attitude because they are forever unaware of the truth. It is as if time stopped. Although it is the human instinct to seek out the truth, the blind cannot uncover it. -Chang Lei-

    LU FEI FEI is a performance artist, short story writer and photographer. Her series “The Story of Zhuyuan” draws inspiration from her own life’s journey beginning in a small town in Jin’an to becoming an internationally exhibited and respected female artist in the male dominated Chinese contemporary art world.

    This series takes place in Lu Fei Fei’s rural hometown in the countryside of Jin’an province. She revisits her childhood through the character of the young girl Zhuyuan. Like many young women, Zhuyuan is a product of the “one child policy” that traditionally favors boys over girls. She sees the countryside deteriorate due to China’s unregulated overconsumption and neglect of the environment but she keeps her eyes closed, tightly holding onto the nation’s flag.

    HONGJIE MA is a photo-journalist who has been documenting Chinese life for over 15 years. His work has been published in national and international publications. To date part of the Family Stuff series has been shown in Beijing in 2007 and Paris Photo 2011. The project is due for completion this year and a book will be published of the entire series.

    Hongjie Ma presents selected works from his latest series of photographs, Family Stuff ; a project started in 2005 in collaboration with fellow photographer Qinjung Huang, portraying ‘family dwellings turned in- side out : furniture, accessories, animals and all, neatly presented – in the front yards3). Ma aims to portray Chinese families from different ethnic backgrounds and regions in order to chronicle average Chinese living conditions today.

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    Chinese Contemporary Art Consultant
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