Whitewall Issue Launch - Erik Parker

Saturday, March 09
6:00pm to 7:00pm
West Village - New York
Traditional Salon

    Parker’s biomorphic subjects not only reference the hallucinogenic psychedelia of American culture in the 1960s, but also historical and contemporary socio- political issues. Informed by a variety of subcultural themes, including music, graffiti and illustration, Parker offers a profound visual experience beyond his intensely layered forms of text and imagery.

    Erik Parker is represented by the Paul Kasmin Gallery, has been exhibited in leading galleries and museums world-wide including the Whitney and MoMA.

    About the artist

    Erik Paker

    Employing his own wildly inventive architecture and signature neon palate, Erik Parker creates bold, graphic compositions that riff on the traditional genres of portraiture and still-life. His visionary paintings draw their inspiration from diverse elements of American subculture—psychedelia, underground comic books, the Chicago Imagists, hip hop and heavy metal— as well as Picasso, Francis Bacon and Roy Lichtenstein.

    Presented by
    Editor-in-Chief of Whitewall Magazine.
    Venue (details disclosed after RSVP)