180,206 connections between art lovers were made at Gertrude Salons.

Gertrude is an initiative of ArtList, the world's premiere marketplace for private art sales.
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Founded in December of 2012 and based in New York City, Gertrude is the world's network for art events. We help people gather to learn, discuss, and collect art curated by today's visionaries - we call these events Salons. We are redefining the art Salon for the 21st Century, like Gertrude Stein did for her time.

Discover our past Salons to see what the experience is like. Go to our support center for more information.


Join Salons as a guest or host your own as a Curator. Guests can find and RSVP to a Salon here and find more information here. Curators can list their Salon here or start with our curator guidebook. Gertrude warmly welcomes hints, feedback and love letters from anyone in the world. Write us here.

Artwork Sales"

Gertrude is also behind ArtList, an online marketplace for private art sales with hundreds of artworks coming directly from private collections worldwide.



  • Kenneth

    Kenneth Schlenker

    Co-Founder - CEO

  • Astrid

    Astrid de Maismont

    Co-Founder - Curation

  • Astrid

    Maxime Germain

    Co-Founder - Product

  • Amit

    Amit Sood

    Director, Google Cultural Institute

  • Amy

    Amy Todd


  • Tim

    E. de Moussac

    Phillips Paris

  • Tim

    Joanne Wilson

    Strategic Advisor

  • Tim

    Alex Zubillaga

    Strategic Advisor

  • Tim

    Martin Mignot

    Strategic Advisor

  • Tim

    Tim Petricola


  • Alice

    Alice Mahoney

    Editorial intern

  • Alice

    Alexandra Ackerman

    Product Engineer

  • Alice

    Anthony Mangiavellano

    Product Engineer

  • Alice

    Ellie Hayworth

    Marketing Intern

  • You


    Gertrude is looking for talent


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